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Finding inspiration in uncertainty

Happy weekend friends 💖 

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 💖 Feelings

I guess this section has evolved into a little feelings check-in for the week. Surprise!

Bombarded at every corner with reminders of SBF and emerging war. It was extremely difficult to focus or find joy in the world this week. As a writer and Internet Explorer, that makes the creative process nearly impossible. I hope you found moments of comfort in a cruel and violent world. Love and serenity are so necessary right now. Condemnation of terrorism is as well. Human lives all around lost to us much too soon.

Misinformation on the Internet is wild. I try my best not to share misinformation, but we will all inevitably do so at some point, even with the best of intentions. The best thing we can do is learn from it and learn to spot propaganda before we hit the share button.

Something I am pledging for my own sanity is to stay off my phone for longer periods of time on top of constant Do Not Disturb mode. Hopefully, this will help me regain focus, we’ll see…

I’ve also been thinking about funding. Since participating in Gitcoin Grants Round 18, hosting a Pride Telethon this Summer, and the upcoming Artizen Season 3 drop contest, remaining sustainable in the bear market has been a whole obstacle course. In the spirit of exploration, I’m considering additional options to sustain while things come together. Very much open to suggestions here.

Then there are hackathons. For someone who understands the technical stuff from a career in engineering but hasn’t coded much, hackathons are tough. Especially without a team formed yet. So, while the Newforum Identity Hackathon is ending soon, I’d love to connect with aligned technical folks who are open to combining forces on a future hackathon or working on Cloud Scouts projects.

Overall, I’d say my first experience with this virtual hackathon is positive. It’s been nice getting to hear what others are building and to better understand the partners involved.

I recently finished up some freelance community strategy work and some free time that just opened up. Wanna chat?

I’ll leave you with this question: If we are to be adventurers and explorers, detectives, and observers, are there not moments when rest is necessary? There’s no shame in setting up camp for a good rest. 🏕️ 

So, after a long journey in the depths of our online worlds, continuing on when well-rested helps prevent injury. If you are too online for too long, you may end up not with a fractured ankle but a fractured mind. 😴 

For more on getting a restful time online and offline, check out a community I love very dearly called Siesta by my friend and fellow Scout, Michelle Lora.

As you know, I love the internet and all the magic it contains. This week, I’ve compiled some things I found you should know about and why.


Happening on the Internet

Here, I’ve gathered a small look into my brain for the week. I explore the Internet and its vast surroundings, but I don’t always tell you exactly what catches my eye when I write essays. Let’s change that!

🪩 Disco Updates

My good friends at Disco made some updates to their docs this week, alongside the release of a few new features for Organizations using DID and VCs. Check out the full report here on Disco Automation.

Issuer Dashboard and Selective Disclosure 👀 

Take a look at the docs refresh! Imagine the possibilities for selective disclosure in new apps and all the ways to personalize experiences with brands due to building one’s DID! 🎒

👻 Sour Little Ghostie

One of my literal BFFs in the space and a member of Cloud Scouts, Sour Power, has minted a little Halloween ghost on Zora.

What’s unique about this mint is she set up the mint, and I collected the first one. As the first minter, I will receive a portion of protocol rewards from each free mint. This is protocol-wide, so go forth and EARN ETHEREUM!

Want to check for mints you can be first to? Want to earn some ETH? Check out this site by Spotlight, the place for curated onchain media, to snipe them and read more here on Mirror!

🌈 Paff with Taking Up Space on UFO Podcast

Taking a walk this weekend? Plug in those Airpods and listen to the insights of Paff Evara from Take Up Space, giving onchain media realness with UFO podcast host Nick Hollins. Listen on Spotify or mint on Zora.

Stay tuned for more from Paff and Take Up Space in the coming months as they release a second Zine and an upcoming art takeover of the Zora homepage on the heels of an Open Call for Technology of Togetherness.

I spent the weekend binge-listening to a few other episodes from UFO. I recommend checking out episode 28 with Steph Alinsug and episode 34 for a conversation on Nouns Builder x ERC6551.

ps. you can listen directly in-app with the new update from my friends at Interface

💖 Love on Leverage

For the past two weeks, the team at Unlonely, a crypto-enabled streaming app on Base protocol, has hosted a dating show partnered with Gossip Protocol.

I gave initial thoughts on onchain dating in the first week, and it seems the boys redeemed themselves this week with more entertaining dates to round out the event.

There was even a pitch deck moment!!

To the happy surprise of many, they even had a queer date in the mix 🥺

My takeaway feeling is: how do we find love in times of disaster? With uncertainty and destruction all around, can we find true love, or is it just entertainment at this point? My bet is always on love.

📖 Read This 

Toby Shorin: new writing from Toby titled Connecting the Dots on American Psychology

Social Security for Web3 Work: the fine folks at Other Internet released their paper on building solidarity primitives.

👀 Watch This

AI and the Quest for Immortality: will our digital selves live on beyond death? Take a look at how that might actually happen with AI in the near future.

The World of Sketchy 2000s Downloads: if you think web3 scams are bad but weren’t around for the sketchy internet links and downloads of toolbars and Limewire music… this is a lighthearted retrospective.
How does this relate? Well, web3 company and Seed Club alumni Sofamon is building their own emoji web buddy, and protocols like Zora and dozens more have built browser extensions for your toolbar.

Did You Know? For more than a month, Cloud Scouts has been featured on the Zora homepage in the PDF section!

As Scouts, we are explorers, adventurers, and observers. It is our mission to add thoughtful art, frameworks, essays, and more to breathe life into our shared spaces ☁️ 

Current Request: seeking design, content, and advising contributors to our upcoming Onchain Scout Handbook

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