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 💖 Feelings

This week was a busy time on the Internet and around the world in person.

Let’s see, there was OpenAI Dev Day, where Sam Altman announced custom GPTs and GPT4-Turbo. Making it easier than ever to create Agent Swarms and inching the world toward AGI. Not sure how to feel about this, but I’m staying optimistic and leaning toward it being a very good thing for the democratization of AI.

Both Omegle and Jezebelle shut down in the same week… the Internet of our childhoods is crumbling in more ways than one, with social becoming more contested than ever. Li Jin covers it in writing this week, sharing a framework for social. Let’s all aim to create more sustainable spaces for Love than Fame.

DevConnect in Istanbul is this weekend and at SheFi Summit, the amazing women of SheFi, Disco, Gossip Protocol, Kiki World, and Enso are all there to help you Get Chipped! 💅 If you’re in Istanbul this week or if you want to learn more about building your own social graph with an NFC chip in your fingernail to share verifiable credentials, be sure to hit them up! It’s so nice to see women having fun in crypto again with products we actually care about.

There is no Bookmark (this week), I love you.

Disco is undergoing a revamp of their claims site, so we’ll be back next week with a brand new one. I’ll also record a video walkthrough this coming week of the brand-new signup process. 😎 

However, I did publish this week’s issue on Mirror. Collect it by clicking below.

Now is the perfect time to think about long-term sustainability for your thriving community. I am available for freelance community strategy and writing. Wanna chat?

The Scout Mindset For Governance🫡 

When we think about governance and voting, most people see these things as pretty boring, too contentious, or like we don’t make a difference. Consider that as of 2022, a little over 50% of voters turned out in the latest US elections, and only around 10% of token holders turned up to vote on DAO proposals.

Why? Well, we’d likely be here all day talking about the reasons why DAO voting isn’t appreciated as much as voting in US elections.

For many onchain communities, voting is a key cornerstone of allowing members to have their voices heard but is often met with atrocious UX—no matter how fast the marketing wheel spins and proposals that just aren’t relevant, exciting, OR (don’t come for me) are dominated by influencer campaigns that alienate voters.

However, I will say that lately, I’ve been getting to know DAOs that feel more comfy, like Purple, BuilderDAO, etc., yet I’m unable to join due to monetary constraints, so have been thinking of ways to traverse those challenges within what we’re building here.

Another note I’ll make here is that it’s both frustrating and kind of weird that every community that offers voting mechanisms and ownership through proposals seems to require tacking on DAO at the end of their name. Like, does it really matter that much to the culture? For me, it’s a big NO.

No one really cares that you’re a DAO that terribly. Just do decision-making equitably, with some sort of token or, in our case, maybe a credential of sorts, and have fun with it.

For these reasons, I have thought about how Cloud Scouts can utilize the Scout Mindset and the ways I personally think about how governance and decision-making can simplify these things for more inclusive, equitable solutions. This way, proposals that make sense for a collective of explorers mean 1) time isn’t wasted on nonsense and 2) that members feel actually heard.

When communities are small and intimate, they allow people to show up just as they are, authentically sharing thoughts and exploring nuance together without being drowned out by the noise of outside influence.

Understanding the Scout Mindset in Cloud Scouts

As we discussed last week, I’ve (attempted to) live in the Scout Mindset for as long as I can remember, and it’s my mission to bring this understanding to onchain communities so that we can be Better Explorers ™️ for and with one another.

Cloud Scouts, by its very nature, is an embodiment of exploration and curiosity. It's a place where traditional hierarchical structures give way to more fluid, collaborative decision-making. This is precisely where the Scout Mindset shines, serving as a compass guiding us toward a more profound, collective understanding.

The Scout's Tools in Decision-Making

Here’s a quick look at the traits a Scout takes with them on various onchain adventures and a recap from last week’s issue:

Pursuit of Truth: Cloud Scouts thrives on the relentless pursuit of truth. This involves asking the hard questions, delving deep into matters, and not resting until the heart of the issue is unveiled.

Intellectual Honesty: We value self-reflection and self-awareness and continually question our beliefs. Our decisions are evidence-based, grounded in facts rather than swayed by prevailing winds of opinion.

Adaptability: We remain open to changing course based on new information, understanding that the world is not merely black and white.

Separating Ego from Beliefs: Essential to our ethos is the ability to detach personal ego from our beliefs. We celebrate the strength in admitting errors, seeing them as opportunities for growth and learning.

Continuous Learning: We strive to expand our understanding, not just as individuals but as a collective.

Nuanced Thinking: We recognize that while there is right and wrong, especially in ethical considerations, complex issues require balanced judgment and thoughtful deliberation.

Implementing the Scout Mindset in Decision-Making

In Cloud Scouts, decision-making is not a solitary activity but a symphony of diverse voices. This is where everything comes together. Our previous discussions on important creative roles play together to decide on proposals, where objections are celebrated, where consent is given by all and are pieced together to form cohesion.

For more on sociocracy, check sociocracyforall.org, and in our archives and future handbooks, you’ll see roles pop up that Scouts may be elected into, like the Facilitator, Scribe, Guide, Historian, and many more.

Sociocracy For All leader Ted Rau recently created this graphic that details the various governance structures we participate in around the world. Read the full article here.

Consent is good and wise!

Here's how we implement the Scout Mindset:

Sociocratic Approach: Our decisions are made through sociocracy – a method that values the voices and opinions of all members, ensuring that every decision is reflective of our collective intelligence.

  • Current tools used: Sobol, Charmverse, looking into Hats Protocol

  • No current proposals set, though will add one to Charmverse soon!

Rewarding Curiosity and Open-mindedness: Inspired by Julia Galef’s insights on Reddit’s use of Deltas, we are exploring ways to acknowledge and reward members who demonstrate a true Scout Mindset. This goes beyond badges for technical excellence, honoring those who contribute to our culture of open-minded exploration.

  • Current tools used: Disco

  • Current schemas used: Bookmarks & more soon, such as custom schemas and Membership credentials with prototype app ready to develop

Fostering a Collaborative Environment: We create spaces where members feel safe to express their views, challenge existing beliefs, and offer new perspectives. This environment nurtures the growth of each member and the organization as a whole.

  • Current spaces: Twitter group chat (DM me to be added), Discord for public queries

  • Future: considering a Farcaster channel and other outlets - would recommend members get a Farcaster account

The Road Ahead for Cloud Scouts

If the ethos of Cloud Scouts resonates with you, or if you wish to learn more about how the Scout Mindset can benefit your community, feel free to reach out.

The goal here is for us all to take little field trips to try out new apps and new features released and provide nuanced feedback to founders and communities all across the web.

This is the joy of Expansive Communities that feel comfy, cultured, and adventurous in the face of the everyday horrors of life. The freedom of interoperability allows us the potential to take part in many different activities to fulfill our happiness meters via extendable social graphs.

Thus far, we have helped to aid communities like Notus, Tyb, and a few others this year, who have each provided exclusive looks into their products.

Hunting and Gathering 🔗 

Here are some things I found through the week

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You’d Be Surprised How Closed-Minded You Are (Jacques Derrida) by Pursuit of Wonder

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