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Well… this week was quite interesting, wasn’t it? More on that in Observations

This is likely not even a secret, but sometimes I get into these off-the-wall rabbit holes, diving into something or other. This week I felt a calling to learn about Thailand. I think I’ve always felt a special calling to Southeast Asia.

I’ve actually not traveled outside the US yet but it’s something I’m terribly looking forward to. I believe it’s been bumped much higher on my priority list. Especially seeing as how I don’t have much here locally I would terribly miss since the majority of my friendships are online and I don’t have immediate family I’m close with.

It really makes you question the cost of living in particular here in Western countries. Even the most basic life for someone who’s single, barely making ends meet, is a horrendous way to live.

The closest I’ve experienced in my own lifetime has been in the small mountain towns of NC, where hospitality is a top priority over the overwhelming noise and desolation of city life.

Last year around this time, I took a little solo retreat to a place in the mountains with no cell service, nothing around but grass, a small creek, and a collection of books to read for some alone time. I absolutely loved it. So necessary once in a while.

Then there are the memories of picking and then cooking okra, yellow squash, green beans, and collards with my great aunts when I was young in Oak Island. Those are very special times, but still, in my opinion, they seem quite dull compared to the rich cultures all over the world.

Maybe this is a spicy take but I don’t think America is any better than other places around the globe. One simply needs to find the culture that fits their personality and style of living. It’s all about exploration, really. I think many, at least around here anyway, are still sort of stuck thinking that this is the only place for them or that because family is here, they absolutely must stay. I say to hell with that thinking. Get out there and see the world if you feel the calling.

Starbucks, McDonalds and Taco Bell aren’t that special… I imagine most people wouldn’t actually miss them too terribly if they went away tomorrow if we’re honest with ourselves.

Something in me has been so deeply fascinated with Eastern cultures. Slower living in the countryside, a more walkable/bike-friendly life, spiritual healing through meditation, lush forests and mountains to explore, and the food…my god, the food. Traditional, floral, vibrant dishes I would never have the pleasure of experiencing in a restaurant where I live.

This is absolutely not the first time I’ve been discovering Eastern countries and ways of living. Staying in Japan has been one of my biggest life goals.

For example, when I started learning about makeup after coming out, I dug hard into makeup brushes. Exploring how Fude brushes are traditionally made in Japanese villages. I am very fortunate to own a few Hakuhodo brushes and several other delicate-haired brushes. It's a great respect for craftsmanship, plus they apply makeup in ways other brushes simply can't match with the right technique.

Not even mentioning the incredible tech hubs all around that area of the world are simply mind-boggling.

Though I recognize that other parts of the US may offer similar tastes. My city is not remotely walkable, nor is it full of life in the way other parts of the world are. The constant violence, disrespect, and “organized” nonsense that occurs daily here is a huge worry as well.

One time in college, a friend invited me over to his house for dinner. He made us this incredibly spicy papaya salad and beef that leaves the most beautiful memory seared onto my taste buds. It was probably the most surprisingly spicy dish I’ve had since, but not painful. So simple yet full of flavor. For the life of me, I can’t remember where his family was from but that is a day I could not forget. The grace and kindness his family showed me is absolutely unmatched.

All this to say, I can’t wait to visit the temples and experience the people of Thailand someday soon. I believe this will be the ultimate adventure. I am an adventurous person, after all, even when traveling alone.

Have you been to or are you from Southeast Asia? I’d love to chat, especially if you’re in web3 because as I read more, there seems to be a growing blockchain culture there as well!

Now is the perfect time to think about long-term sustainability for your thriving community. I am available for freelance community strategy and content writing. Wanna chat?

I don’t have a formal essay this week aside from the above, so instead, I have a report on all the happenings of the week.

I had hoped to get back onto Bookmark claims this week. Holding for now due to Disco maintenance as the switch to a full-featured Dashboard system is underway. I got an early look at it this week from the team and it's worth the wait! 🪩

So Much Happened This Week 👀 

Trans Awareness Week: I’m one of the many trans women working in tech. I only saw a few mutuals talking about it this week, and while I wanted to tweet about it, at the same time, I didn’t… I don’t know why but seeing so much other pain in the world right now, from Gaza to the Congo and beyond, I didn’t feel comfortable pointing to myself.

Maybe though, if you’re not trans… how about reaching out to those of us you know and supporting us on weeks like this… to show them you do see and care?

Take Up Space: Technology of Togetherness drop launched on 11/17 featuring 14 artists brought together to showcase Black, Queer, and Indigenous excellence on Zora. Paff, Kiana, Chet, and I worked on this launch which is featured on the Zora homepage.

Each mint directly supports the artist as they earn protocol rewards. Collectors are encouraged to share a comment with each mint. Maybe the piece touched you in a specific way or you just want to view it as a little guestbook entry. The choice is yours. Personally, I like adding these silly emoticons ( つ´∀`)つ

Dedicated to anti-fomo, slow media, and the notion that we are capable of deeper connection to both media, media literacy, and artistry that shapes how we share ourselves through a collective of love, Take Up Space functions as a place where these artists and those like them find belonging. Thank you to those who have already minted!

Boys Club: I’ve talked about Boys Club frequently in this newsletter and for good reason. Reaching 100(ish) podcast episodes, Natasha and Deana collected voice notes from community members to show gratitude. Ten of us, including myself, shared audible hugs about times at the many in-person events and connections made in the BC discord. If you're ever having a sad day, put this episode on, happy tears will come in no time.

The Boys Club discord is where I hang out when I’m not working on Cloud Scouts, writing, interviewing community builders, or learning. It’s where I met Evin at Disco, Misha from Mailchain, and so, so many others. This community has opened doors for hundreds of women and allowed us all to be a little less shy about asking silly questions since there are just so many brilliant folks in there.

If there is a single DAO I hope to contribute to in the future, without a doubt, it’s Boys Club.

Revise Twitter Space: One of the Spaces I spoke on this week was with Revise, which offers a dynamic NFT solution. They are releasing a couple of games integrated with both Farcaster and Lens that you can test out now.

Along with Farcaster, I mentioned a product called Airstack which has an API studio that powers many favorite apps like Converse, Tokebound, and ChainJet.

If you’d like to try them out, I am giving access to their new Farcaster game called Far Far Away to subscribers! Just reply to this email.

One last note: if you have yet to try Farcaster, I highly recommend it. Hundreds of brilliant builders and all around warm folks are there opening their minds outside the noise of Twitter. I'm happy to help out if you need a guide anytime. First, try downloading Warpcast on mobile!

OpenAI Debacle 🤖 

By now you’ve likely seen the news about Sam Altman & Co. in a whirlwind at OpenAI.

What a freakin soap opera the tech world has been through. Literally felt like they speedran Succession Season 5 in the most girly fashion possible. Cute heart emojis and all.

I’ve never seen anything like it, I guess not since Steve Jobs but I wasn’t exactly around at that time.

From Sam being fired via Google Meet of all things, co-founder and President Greg Brockman quitting in protest, Twitter in an uproar of speculation, and the subsequent news of them asking him to come back.

All in under 24 hours… 🤦‍♀️ 

I imagine we’ll eventually find out the actual reason why this all happened. Even if not, this simply proves that the future of business and AI itself needs to be decentralized and governed much more efficiently than this nonsense.

Hunting and Gathering 🔗 

Here are some things I found through the week

📰 Read This 

The Progressive Ownership Playbook by Variant - if you’re a web3 builder, this is an absolute must-read this weekend

👀 Watch This

Learn to code FAST with ChatGPT - from former Data Scientist at Meta

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