Create Your Rainbow Issue 17 - Working in Web3

Exploring How And Where You Fit - pt. 1

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Working in Web3, A Perspective

This week I couldn’t stop thinking about all the ways we work in web3, so I needed to get it out of my head and into this newsletter. Also, you should be aware of these things if you’re interested in the space, and maybe after reading this series, you’ll find a compelling reason to get involved! This issue is dedicated to anyone currently or considering looking for work at web3 (crypto, NFTs, AI, DeFi, etc.) startups.

Decentralized work isn’t the future, it’s now, and we’re building it together.

Here, I’ll give my thoughts on getting discovered, applying for work. Next week I'll cover interviewing and how we work. Bear or bull market, the ethos of decentralized work carries on.

Getting Discovered

Something quite eye-opening about working at web3 companies is the fact your previous experience isn’t nearly as impressive as you might imagine. The culture runs on more than just where you’ve graduated, worked, or which billionaire you know (especially that last part). Yeah, sure, those things are icing on the cake, but what matters most to us is who you are as a human - what you can actually contribute to the community that helps others - you have the chance to reinvent yourself.

I don’t believe this is purely due to the small percentage of candidates for roles. But I do believe it’s a combination of an even smaller percentage of clearly qualified candidates, both with experience and the right values, and a culture shift to doing new types of work we collectively find beneficial to our culture and the future of the Internet we’re shaping.

The future of work and discovery has moved from online to on-chain.

Yes, the number of qualified, well-rounded community builders is incredibly small. This largely has to do with the fact the community industry as a whole is quite new, especially in web3 where the space is still maturing.

It’s also attributed to the fact many of the most well-known web2 community professionals have established careers and aren’t ready yet to dive in, I don’t blame them.

It's time for us to interrogate the systems that aren't working. It's time for Community 2.0, this is why I write this newsletter.

Even those working at decentralized companies can hardly keep up with it. All of these are reasons why skill development for community builders that are relatable to candidates both in and outside of the space is so important.

One of the main ways candidates can get discovered for roles is, you guessed it, social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn (honorable mentions to Entre, Lenster & Farcaster). It’s not so much about being an “influencer” to get noticed, but one thing is an absolute must for a successful candidate. 👇️ 

Consistently speaking to your passions in authentic and creative ways will get you much further than a one-page resume ever will.

However, it’s not enough to give the bare minimum effort or write clickbait headlines. That kind of thing is easy to see right through. Getting discovered for legitimate work is about authenticity. People look for those genuinely cultivating healthy, mutually beneficial relationships. And yes, those hiring in the space talk to each other - they know who is being authentic and who isn’t.

The number one way NOT to get hired, noticed, or replied to when seeking a job? Opening a ticket in Discord and sending a resume with zero research.

Action Items For Candidates

There are many ways to get discovered, all of which require some work on your part. Remember we talked about your previous experience not mattering much? If you’re interested in community roles, this is where you actually put it to practice.

  • Use your creative writing experience to write a compelling newsletter, a Mirror blog, or tweets

  • Actually put in effort to connect with people - yes, it does take time

  • Learn graphic design to create consistent branding for yourself 💖 

  • Create. Compelling. Content. (art, writing, videos, AI, etc.)

  • Send that DM that makes you sweat when thinking about doing it 😰 

  • Most important of all - be yourself. We love authentic candidates  

Take the initiative to jump in to help people and contribute not just to the success of the community as a whole but to those individuals who make up the community. That ethos is timeless throughout history. Helping people is the quickest way to sustainable success.

People are often misguided in thinking help is free. That is far from the case. When people call out for help, more times than not, they are doing so because they are ready to pay for good help. All they need is someone ready to commit to some work and follow through.

In a DAO, or dOrg, you have clear expectations and a payment structure, allowing you to choose the work or create work for yourself by submitting a proposal.

In the NFT space, there are countless projects, startups, and brands to find meaningful connections through work that resonates with your passions. Remember, NFTs are simply programmable assets, it's not all animal pictures and there are many use cases to explore beyond PFPs.

There are also countless ways to create your media empire through hosting events, education, and entertainment. You can choose the work that makes you the happiest instead of grinding away at a boring, meaningless desk job.

The more work you do for your communities, the more they can vouch for you and recommend your work to others when they see openings. But if people don’t know the kind of work you are good at or enjoy doing, how can you expect them to recommend you? Jump in and be helpful, kind, and authentic!

So You’re Ready To Apply

Okay, so you need work - or want a second income. Now what?

Here are some things you’ll want to have in your candidate backpack 🎒 

Some experience with blockchains—even better if you can ELI5 how they work, why we use them, and what problems they solve. 

A portfolio of your work in the space, including the communities you’ve invested time into.

A resumé that speaks directly to the role you want.

Find your favorite builders in the space. This says a lot about you!

Compelling testimonials speaking to your character. Web3 is fueled by relationships and networks - use them to your advantage.

When you’re ready to apply, a few of my favorite places to check are CollabWORK, Roo Troop, Metaintro, and the public CPG Club Talent Telegram chat.

Look, I’m not gonna lie and say applying and getting a job in web3 is easy because it’s not. It’s actually hell, especially right now. But with time, an abundance of patience, optimism, and consistency, you can position yourself into the role of your dreams!

What If You’re Still Lost?

Need help writing your resumé or connecting with a founder for a role? Many communities offer this help, and Cloud Scouts will soon offer a merit badge program for resumé creation as part of our efforts to equip community builders with the skills they need to succeed. Scouts will learn what hiring companies are looking for, how to tailor their experience and produce a resume for submission to our partner communities.

I’ve helped numerous founders find the right candidates, written job descriptions with them, and hired candidates into roles myself.

So if you’re hiring and want to make sure you’re making the right choice or need a second set of eyes, reply to this email and let’s chat!

Coming Up 👉️ Next week, I’ll cover interview tips and exactly how many of us work and thrive in decentralized spaces.

If you want to hear more or if you’d like me to help you craft your story through community building, one way to support me is through sharing this newsletter. You can also fill out this form to connect.

This week I have some more broad web3 updates you should know about and the world of AI continues to rock our socks off. Check it out!

VeeCon was this weekend! 🥳 

Here’s a highlight reel from VeeCon Day 2. This is the event of the year for fan-favorite Gary Vee, many of our industry leaders, and his community of VeeFriends.

Pudgy Penguins Toy Line Launch on Amazon

In case you missed the launch, the Pudgy Penguins team has positioned itself as a super cute destination for toys produced by web3 communities. They’re bringing the blockchain to the mainstream with a customizable NFT in every box!

Blockade Labs Continues to SLAY the AI Game

If you’re into creating digital environments with AI, try this new feature from Blockade Labs.

And remember, I believe in you. 💖 🥺

Below are all the Twitter Spaces I’ve spoken in, transcripts, and resources pinned to each.

Coming up this Thursday I'm hosting Work In Web3 Wednesday at Cloud Scouts - set your reminder here!

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